Our Top Toaster Best Buying Complete Guide

While buying a toaster, one must keep in mind certain things. It is used in kitchens to cook breads of different types from one or both sides. Market is flooded with numerous models. Both two slice and four slice models are available in Chrome and Stainless steel materials in different colors. Select the best to suit your kettle and other kitchen devices.

Modern features:

Some of the latest features/ accessories which you should look for while purchasing a toaster are pause and peak, countdown options, bun rack warmer, energy saving options, defrosting function etc. images (1)Pause and peak feature helps to pause the toasting and see the desired browning of the slice. Count down option provides how much time is left in perfect toasting. Metallic bun rack warmer at the top of the toaster helps to heat up rolls and croissants very quickly. Energy saving option helps to toast to finish single slice. Defrosting option can toast slice directly from freezer. Variable browning and preheat feature is also included in certain models.

Choose between two sliced toaster and four sliced toaster. Two sliced toaster occupies lesser space and is sufficient for 2 person family. Large families which prepare breakfast for many people use four slice toasters. It is slightly bulkier and occupies more space. Prefer those toasters which have deep and wide slots to accommodate thick slices of bread, croissants and baguette. Choose those two sliced toasters which provide activation of one or both slots at the same time. There may be two separate levers. A conveyor toaster has the maximum slice capacity.


Trusted and reliable manufacturers for toasters are Russell Hobbs, Breville,  Tefal Avanti, Morphy Richards, De’ Longhi, Dualit and many more. These manufacturers have introduced both 2 sliced and 4 sliced toasters in the market in very pretty colors such as Chrome and stainless steel materials. toaster1-blackWatch these products on our top selling toasters rank to compare their specifications and wattage requirements.

How to use:

Put the slice in the slot. Set the settings for perfect browning. Also set other available options as desired and if you have them available on the toaster. These options should be used when desired in the process.  Now press the lever. When the slice attains desired browning, the lever shall pop up the slice. The classy toaster is much quicker to work as compared to toaster ovens, so wide in use. Clean the toaster crumb trays regularly by opening from the bottom lid or as per provision in it. Press buttons smoothly as these are quite fragile in nature.

How to place an order:

Though it can be easily purchased from the physical stores in market, yet it is desirable to go on online shops like Best-Toasters.co.uk to select the right choice for your family and kitchen environment. Displayed items on the website also provide an idea about the price of the product. Products in online shops are cheaper as compared to physical stores. Place an order with quality product having service facility nearby. Search for discount offers to ease burden on the pocket.

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