Russell Hobbs 18096 2 Slice Texas Toaster

The Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Texas Toaster is a compact toaster with brushed panels and a polished centre panel. The Texas Toaster takes 2 toasts at once with no efforts. 41EN605ti4LIts very modern design will fit every kitchen.

Its perfect design will defiantly suit ideally to any kind of bread properly sliced, it is very eye catching, and has different levels of browning controls so you can apply the toasting power accordingly to your needs. It is equipped with a very convenient for users frozen bread setting, designed to defrost the bread in a blink of an eye. Once you think your toast is ready then you can simply press the cancel button.

About the Make

The Russell Hobbs brand has been considered as quality, style and development for more than 50 years. Established in 1952 by Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs,41SBOQea3uL the brand has driven success by presenting items that offer genuine customer advantages and mechanical progressions. The quality of the Russell Hobbs brand, it is perceived by nine out of ten customers in the UK as the quality leader, and has won various quality awards.

Russell Hobbs 2 Slice Texas Toaster Review

Under the most favorable conditions this  toaster is the best thing I have ever purchased, I have been buying toasters throughout the years and the vast majority had some defects after a while. So no doubt I know brands including RH, Tefal or Bosch. I got to admit however that this toaster looks good, and I love the way controls are located at the front, in particular it toasts flawlessly even on the both sides. I have to say that the sides that get hot, and I have read about that on the Internet so I had to try it myself. However, as I don’t usually touch them, and there is no such need to do so, it does not really have any negative impact on the user. Can’t say if any of my different toasters got hot along the edges as never touched them, concerning my grandchildren touching the sides they have never at any point approached it. As I eat Gluten Free bread and I keep bread in the fridge I am totally dependable o the defrost option and got to admit that it does everything as promised.

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